Welcome to Bookish Beyond

Bookish Beyond is a new book blog, dedicated to reviewing books in a variety of genres, in particular, darker fiction such as horror, mystery, and paranormal fiction. You may also find occasional, original poems and other written material on this blog.

A little about me

My name is Daccari but my friends and family call me Dax.
I've run several book blogs in the past, including 


Due to recent financial struggles, I decided to close my old blog, in favour of this new, free to run blog. I can't give up my passion for the written word, so hopefully, this blog is here to stay.

Along with reviewing books, I love to write. You may occasionally find snippets of new work on this blog, although I have been taking a break from writing in order to figure out which genre I'd like to specialize in.

Welcome to Bookish Beyond

I hope you enjoy my newest book reviews. Take care.

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